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  • FileMaker Customer Management Software Template
  • FileMaker Document Management Software Template
  • FileMaker Sales Order Processing Software Template
  • FileMaker Suppliers / Vendors Software Template
  • FileMaker Products, Stock & Inventory Management Software Template
  • FileMaker Invoicing Software Template
  • FileMaker Human Resources Software Template
  • FileMaker Marketing Software Template
  • FileMaker Resource Scheduling Software Template
  • FileMaker Audit Trail Software Template
  • FileMaker Prospects Software Template
  • FileMaker Jobs Software Template
  • FileMaker Quotations Software Template
  • FileMaker Contracts / Sales And Service Management Software Template

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Complete Business Management Software for Mac and Windows

Flexible ERP Solution Why choose BusinessMan? Cloud or Office Based One-off cost or Subscription Onsite or Remote Workers Customise any module

FileMaker Business Software For Mac Compatible Software FileMaker Business Software For Windows Compatible SoftwareFileMaker Business Software For The Cloud

Below are the BusinessMan modules. Click a module for more information.
FileMaker Customer Management Software Template


BusinessMan has full Customer Relationship Management software giving complete administration of all customer records. Letters faxes, emails are kept in the FileMaker Pro database. Business CRM & customer CRM software package including tracking/monitoring
FileMaker Document Management Software Template


Full Document Management using drag and drop to store documents in BusinessMan. Manage user access to each document and store an unlimited number of files in BusinessMan.
FileMaker Sales Order Processing Software Template


View graphs and reports on sales and financial snapshots. Keep up to date on telephone calls, quotations and customer activity.
FileMaker Purchase Order Processing Software Template


Purchase Order Processing - Manage your supplier/vendor orders. Monitor progress of orders, match purchase price against supplier invoice. Adjust inventory with received goods. Full multi-currency capability.
FileMaker Suppliers / Vendors Software Template


Manage your supplier and supplier contacts, view order history and previous product costing, track communications and make payments.
FileMaker Products, Stock & Inventory Management Software Template


View product data, purchase history and track stock levels. Create categories and store images and a textual description for use with quotations. Full inventory management software.
FileMaker Invoicing Software Template


Integrate with your accounts system (Sage, QuickBooks,etc). Full and part invoicing, view invoice history and outstanding invoices. Full reporting of invoice statuses. Invoice direct from order.
FileMaker Human Resources Software Template


Full Human Resources and Personnel management, including vacations, reviews, attendance, disciplinary, NOK details, qualification tracking and timesheet entry.
FileMaker Marketing Software Template


Produce Email, letter, SMS and telephone campaigns. Monitor recipient response and overall campaign effectiveness. Export, Import and link to existing Customers and Prospects.
FileMaker Resource Scheduling Software Template


Full drag and drop resource scheduling. Multiple resources can be assigned on one job/appointment. When a job is dragged and dropped, all resources that are assigned to that job will also move. Optional full clash management to prevent double booking.
FileMaker Audit Trail Software Template


Audit every action of a user. Log Customer data modifications, record deletions and creation. Filter audit by user, date and action type. Audit colour coding.
FileMaker User Management and Security Software Template

User Mgmt

Manage user privileges and system access. Assign security groups and reset passwords. View user activity and user location within the system live.
FileMaker Settings Software Template


Configure and setup BusinessMan including your company details, document locations, module setup, email configuration, job settings and web access.
FileMaker Templates Software Template


Create an unlimited number of templates to be used throughout the system. Create quote builder templates for quick and easy detailed quotations. Use templates in email and when creating letters and faxes.
FileMaker Prospects Software Template


Manage potential new customers. Create communications (letters, emails,etc). Manage next stage and prospect source details. Rate Prospect on strength of sale. Transfer to Customers at the click of a button.
FileMaker Jobs Software Template


Complete time tracking, document and picture handing, multiple related jobs, drag and drop graphical scheduling, job costing, communications and task management. Scheduled and unscheduled job management and planning.
FileMaker SMS Software Template


Send SMS messages to staff, customers, suppliers and prospects. SMS messages are audited within the system and can be viewed by user, date sent and recipient number. The same SMS message can be sent to muliple recipients.
FileMaker Email Software Template


Emails are sent and received using the full internal email client. Add unlimited attachments to email. All incoming and outgoing email is logged against the Job, Customer, Prospect or Supplier. View ALL inbound email from every email account.
FileMaker Scheduler Software Template


Developed for scheduling resources using drag and drop technology with a full simple to use graphical interface. Great for helpdesk environments. View daily, multi-day, weekly and month schedules.
FileMaker My Desk Software Template

My Desk

Stores all your user preferences for the system. Dashboard displaying a snapshot of all your activity, tasks, internal messages, appointments and jobs. Also displayed, your contact details, NOK and security overview.
FileMaker Financials Software Template


Apply credit limits. View financial dashboard for a business overview. Manage Customer and Supplier accounts, full multi-currency capability. Create comprehesive financial reports. Integrate with your current accounts system*.
FileMaker Communications Software Template


All calls, reminders, tasks, appointments, letters, faxes, emails, QA items, quotes, orders, marketing campaigns and documents are all communications logged against each module.
FileMaker Call Handling Software Template

Call Handling

Manage individual calls or complete marketing campaigns. Set reminders against calls so that they are never forgotten. View other staff calls in case of absences. Filter calls by date and by allocation.
FileMaker Tasks Software Template


Create reminders for yourself and assign tasks to other staff members or departments. View tasks in Scheduler and drag and drop to move them. Add documents, forward to others and create related tasks. Add a high/low priority and mark for follow-up.
FileMaker Quotations Software Template


Manage customer & prospect quotes & estimates. Email, print & PDF a quote/estimate. Unlimited line items with multi-currency. Templates to create text & image quotes rapidly. Create Sale Order from quote with 1 click. Date,follow-up period & status Filter
FileMaker Web Access Software Template

Web Access

If you wish to expose any data from the BusinessMan system to the web, we can build a web interface to model your own, or bring a fresh perspective to your company by designing a new web interface to any areas of the system.
FileMaker Contracts / Sales And Service Management Software Template


Complete Service Management module to monitor Contracts, Assets, Inventory and Devices. Test and Inspect, sales and service*. Digital data collection and transmission.
FileMaker Go Mobile Software Template

Go Mobile

BusinessMan Mobile Module - Available for FileMaker Go on your iPhone. Access data while away from the office offline or connect live. View stock, jobs, schedules, clients, record data and more*.
FileMaker Assemblies Software Template


Assemblies and Bill Of Materials Software Module. Create 1 stock item from many other stock items. Drag and drop stock allocation. Pre-built and ready to build Assemblies.
FileMaker Projects Software Template


FileMaker Pro database with intergrated Project Management. Drag and drop Gantt chart with task management. Dependant tasks and jobs, resource management and Templates.

BusinessMan :: Mac and Windows Compatible

What our customers are saying more testimonials...

Mark Sadaka, Sadaka Associates

Law firm focused solely on socially important litigation.

"As you have stated and I can now confirm, 90% of the product truly is relevant for every business. There is only oneway to sum up my initial impression of your product - it made me switch. Parting with money after 1000s already spent in a CRM program is no easy task."

Andrew Starks, Tightrope Media Services

Digital Signage and Broadcast Automation hardware and software.

"I love the BusinessMan Approach, which is not to guess at what my business needs, but to adapt to the way it is and to where we want to take it! BusinessMan frees our team to dream about what the system could do for us instead of just settling for what we can afford."

The BusinessMan Enterprise solution is a comprehensive, modular, ERP system. It includes a comprehensive CRM software system with a customer management module, quotations and invoicing modules, suppliers and stock modules, a completely integrated email client and also a full featured and integrated Resource Scheduler. Also included are Sales Order Processing, Marketing, Purchase Order Processing, Document Management and Human Resource Management modules. The package comes complete with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server V12.

All BusinessMan versions include FileMaker Software For Mac and Windows.

BusinessMan has been developed using the latest version of the award winning cross platform database FileMaker Pro, ensuring all the latest features are exploited. Expansion is virtually limitless, backup of important data is extremely simple and should the server hardware fail, the databases can be hosted on a single PC on a temporary basis, to ensure your company stays operational. Changes and additional development is extremely rapid with the FileMaker Pro development platform and many changes can be made whilst the system is in use.

Development time with FileMaker Pro is many times shorter that most other programming environments, thus the cost for development is much lower than its competitors. No longer must you put up with what youíve got. If you want to run your business in a particular way, you can do so with a FileMaker Pro based solution like BusinessMan.

BusinessMan is feature packed, but we understand that every company works in their own particular way. Hence, BusinessMan is developed with you in mind, allowing us to provide the changes you may need, at a price you can afford!

Our development rates for BusinessMan customers are extremely competitive. Our overheads are kept to a minimum and the benefits are passed on to the customer.


Call Sales on:
  UK (Freephone): 0800 848 8400
  US/CA (Toll Free):    1-888-888-9659
  International: +44 1752 841 800


Please contact Computech IT Services Ltd for your FileMaker Pro development requirements. BusinessMan is FileMaker Pro CRM software for Mac and Windows, which is a framework to mould to your business. If you already have a solution or prefer to start from a blank canvas, not a problem... please contact us to discuss how we can help with your FileMaker Pro solution.

FileMaker Pro CRM, Job & Project Management, Outlook/Entourage Integration, Sales, Marketing, Resource Scheduling, Finances

Computech IT Services Ltd are certified FileMaker Pro Software Developers and are a member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. BusinessMan is a complete Business Management solution incorporating CRM Software, FileMaker Scheduling and booking software, FileMaker timesheet and Job management software, FileMaker Templates and Order processing software for your business. BusinessMan is your only complete Business Software for Mac and Windows.